Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This is a piece I did for Todd McFarlane's Haunt Fan Art Contest. I originally had something completely different planned, but at the last minute I came up with this idea and I'm pretty happy with it. I drew a rough sketch out with pencil and then went over that sketch with a 0.5 Copic Multiliner SP. I then went in with a Pigma brush pen and filled in some of the smaller black areas and then used a watercolor brush with Koh-I-Norr india ink to fill in the background. You can actually see the contrast between the 2 types of ink, which I'm not thrilled about and I may try to fix that at some point. After that I did some shading and detail with my Copic Sketch Markers. Finally, I used a white colored pencil to add just a few minor details.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the final product and feel pretty confident in my chances in this contest. There will be a fan vote on the Haunt facebook page, so when that comes around I will post all the details. Thanks again for checking out my blog, and as always I would appreciate any feedback !

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