Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween everyone ! I've a bit of a special treat here for you today !

Earlier in the year I had announced that I was doing a 3 page backup story for and indie comic called Stick City. Unfortunately, the project has been hampered with delays. I know some friends of mine contributed to the Indiegogo campaign for the project and still have not received your rewards. I did get in touch with Brennan Neil, the creator of the series, and he did assure me that all Indiegogo rewards will be fulfilled and that the books should be shipping out soon.

So, since the book has been delayed for so long, I've decided to post my full 3 pages here for EVERYONE to enjoy ! Even though this was just earlier this year, you'll notice some differences in my style compared to what I'm trying to do now.

The story of Stick City basically revolves around a government experiment gone wrong that turns people into stick figure types and transforms reality. My story is called STICK CITY: THEN & NOW, and shows what everyday folks looked like before and after the event.


All pages 11x17, brush pens, Copic muliliners & black Copic sketch marker on Strathmore comic art boards

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