Thursday, September 8, 2011


I know, it's been a while. Unfortunately I've been going through a pretty bad case of artists block. Been struggling a bit to find motivation and inspiration to get anything done. Well today I found some. I read an article today about a mentally disabled man in St Louis who recently had a large portion of his Superman collection stolen from him in a pretty heinous way. Apparently the authorities are attempting to get what they can back to him, but there are people out there who want to help him if they can't.

So I decided to do an original piece of art to send the guy so he can add it to his collection or help start a new one. Check out this blog post on Comics Should Be Good at CBR to find out more about the story and for information on how you can help if you'd like to !

I'm hoping this will get me going in the right direction creatively. While this isn't my best work by a long shot, it felt good just to get something out after a couple weeks. Hopefully have more frequent posts in the future here. Thanks for reading, and if you can, help out Mike !


  1. Ray, it's awesome that you did him ANYTHING, but that's a really nice piece. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Greg. Glad I was able to get the info :)