Saturday, August 6, 2011


So my favorite comics podcast, The Fanboy Buzz, recently devoted an entire episode to looking back at Malibu Comics' ULTRAVERSE from the 90's. That was a very special time for me, as it was the early 90's when I really started getting into comics. I was a big fan of the ULTRAVERSE and Prime was one of my favorite characters of that time.

This was done with brush & ink on 11x14 bristol board. This is not a finished product. I think at some point i will come back to this and add more detail and maybe even some color. Just thought I should share something since I haven't posted in a bit.

And if you're a comics fan, you should check out The Fanboy Buzz podcast. It's really entertaining and all of the guys on the show are really passionate and knowledgeable of the medium. Check em out here & here.

Hopefully I will post my next piece in the next couple of days. Here's a one word teaser - GUNSLINGER !

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